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April Fool Pranks Wishes Posted in April Fool Pranks Wishes
I am not a fool
They are not fool
Then why do we celebrate April’s Fool? 
Holi wishes Posted in Holi wishes
Rangon se bharay thaal
Music ki dhamaal
Koi Peela koi Laal
Lo agaya phir
Holi ka khayal

Love wishes Posted in Love wishes
Universal rule of feelings
Hide your feelings more and
it will show more
Deny your feelings more
and it will grow more

Good Morning Wishes Posted in Good Morning Wishes
Good Morning Wish for You
“God bless your day and
Keep you safe from harm and more
And may you have a better one
Than the day before.”
Happy Valentine's Day 2014 Posted in Happy Valentine's Day 2014
A 1000 hearts would be too few to hold all my love for you.
Happy valentine day sweaty.
Good Night Wishes Posted in Good Night Wishes
If you don’t have anyone who send you a goodnight message to you, every night then find someone to whom you can send a goodnight message every night.  Be a reason for someone’s smile.   
Friendship Wishes Posted in Friendship Wishes
Me and my friend is totally different and that’s what makes us best.